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Square tiers, turned opposite on each tier is covered with fondant icing and accented all over with cornellie lace.  White chocolate seashell in neutral colors cascade  on each tier.
This 3 tiered cake serves 65 guests.  It is covered with buttercream icing, covered  with cornelli lace.  Topper is optional.
Blue Hawaii Cake         

Shells are white chocolate brushed with white pearl coloring.  Coral is edible, royal icing. Serves 75 guests as pictured.
Leeward Key Cake                                    
Fresh flowers adorn each tier of this buttercream covered wedding cake that has a simple lattice side design.  This cake serves 125 as pictured.
Embree's Lattice      Photo by David Shea
Creative CelebrationS
These are only a few of many styles & designs of wedding cakes created by Belinda.
This square confection is accented with white chocolate fan and scallop shells at each corner and as topper.
Life is uncertain........Eat  Dessert First!
Orchid Drape Cake
 This fondant covered cake features handmade, sugar paste roses, calla lillies & sugar fan as topper.  As pictured serves 100 guests.
Among the cascading handmade sugar orchids are sugar crystal covered pearls.  This elegant cake serves 100 guests.  You can have different orchid types & colors, if desired.
Sugar Crystals n' Orchid Cake           
Fondant swag drapes are topped with handmade sugar orcids.  The cake topper features a white chocolate natulius shell.  This 3 tiered cake serves 65 guests as pictured.
Wavy icing lines represent the ocean waves.  This popular design is covered with fondant icing & accented with handpainted, white chocolate seashells.
Robinson Shell Cake                                                            Photo by JRD Photography
Beach rapsody is topped with an edible sugar paste full bow.
Beach Rapsody    
Orchid Shell Cake                                                 .
Tops'L  Shell Cake                             
This buttercream covered cake features icing lattice, edible coral & white chocolate seashells.
Lattice Shell Cake 
Andrea's Roses                    
Fresh red roses and ecru satin ribbons accent this stunning wedding cake.  The cake serve 250 guests.
Yummy buttercream cover this beachy wedding cake.  White chocolate shells are handpainted in shades of peach & salmon.
Destiny By The Sea Cake                                                                   
Table Decoration By  Florida Dream Weddings  By Janet Marie
Wavey lines of icing add texture to this elegant cake.  The rose buds are sugar paste.  This cake serve 230 guests.
Rose Wave Cake                          
Seabreeze Orchid  Cake  
Shell Pyramid Cake               
Surf & Seahorse Cake
Islander Nautilus Cake.           
Whimscal Nautilus Cake                             
J & P Cake                        
Couple In Love Cake             
Sam I Am Calla Lily Cake                                 
Sand Dollar Cakes  
Cutwork Lace Cake
Lace overlays made from fondant icing. Sugar orchids accent the sage green buttercream cover icing.

The detail design was replicated from the detail in the bride's gown. 

Amber ---set up with bridal netting hung from the ceiling.  Twinkle lights added an soft glow under white organza fabric drape..
Amber----Close up details, sugar paste roses , rose buds & filler flowers.  Details  where handpainated with royal icintg on fondant icing.
Seashell Couple Cake
Shell Treasures
Bobbie Coral Cake                                
Monet Monet Shell Cake  
Sea Fun Cake                          
Stargazer Cake                   
Dallas Shell Cake                  
Polka Dots & Shell Cake                
Portafino Sugar Rose Cake 
C & J Cake                                                        
Brittany's Orchid Cake   Photo By JRD Photography
Ivory rolled fondant icing covers this 5 tiered cake.  Delicate scroll work encircles each tier along with tiny handmade sugar paste rose buds.  Full blown roses make up the topper and acent the bottom tier front and back.
Sweetheart Rose Cake 
Features handmade sugar paste roses
Sugar paste rose topper in close up view.
Close up of roses
Taj Mahal 10th Anniversary Celebration Cake
Completely Edible, detailed design from royal icing, main cake covered with fondant icing.
Haley's Orchid Cake
Peace Calla Cake
Blue Bow Cake
Bow is edible, made from sugar paste
Calla Tower Cake
Features edible callas, made from sugar paste
Sugar Leaves & Flower Cake
Satin & Bling with Orchid Cascade
Dynomite Rose Cake
Chalkboard Cake with Rose & Apple Blossom
Cox Appliqued Lace Cake
Steampunk Cake
Yellow Satin Calla Cake
Orchid Windswept Cake
Bling & Rose Cake
Blue Water Wave Cake
White Chocolate Shell Cake
Blingy Calla Cake
Courtney's Delight
Blue Dolphin Cake
Circles & Orchid Cake
Runnuclus Cascade Cake -
-Sugar paste flowers
C & J Cake with Rolled Ribbon Roses
Tropical Rainbow Cake featuring handmade sugar paste flowers
Silver & Blue Pearl Cake
Sea Fun Cake side view
Starfish Drape Cake 
features white chocolate starfish
Sweetheart   buttercream covered cake
Solaria Lily Drape Cake
Emerald Grand Rolled Ribbon Rose Cake
Photo by Gwyne Mark Photography
Hidden Creek Rose Cake
Nightmare Before Christmas
Rose Swirl Cake
Gold Swirl Orchid Cake
Lavender Seashell Cake