Creative CelebrationS
This old fashioned tool box is edible.  The tools, also edible, made from chocolate and hand painted to look like real tools.
Chris' Tool Box (edible tools)              Photo by L. Motley
Crown Royal                  Photo by L. Motley
Reynold's Traditional              Photo By L. Motley
McDonalds Race Car                    Photo by L. Motley
Happy  Hog       Photo by L. Motley
Groom's cakes range from traditional to wild and humorous, also including groom's hobbies, favorite sports to military enblems.
Grooms Cakes
Bud on Ice  Ice doesn't melt!!                Photo by L. Motley
Chocolate Heaven        Photo by L. Motley
Georgia Football                          Photo by L. Motley
Armadillo Groom's Cake         Photos by L. Motley
The logo is edible, made from color flow icing.
FSU Indian                                        Photo by L. Motley
Hidden Creek                             Photo by L. Motley
Berries n' Shells                                             Photo by L. Motley
The Wedding Shirt        Photo by L. Motley
Creed's Guitar                                           Photo by L. Motley
UA Golf Bag                                          Photo by L. Motley
Fresh strawberries, hand dipped in dark chocolate are piled high with dark chocolate seashells to create a special beach themed groom's cake.
The bass guitar player withthe group Creed, had his favorite guitar fashioned in to a chocolate confection for his groom's cake that was life sized.
Buick Grand National                                                                 Photo by L. Motley.
Cake design by Shanon Motley
Creel basket, fly rod & chocolate fish are completely edible.  Basket is covered with buttercream icing.  Accent pieces are sugar paste.
Creel Basket & Fly Rod          Photo by Whitaker Photography
Flamingo Cascade    Photo by L. Motley
Mallard Drake                                 Photo by L. Motley
Old Alabama Elephant     Photo by L. Motley
.Sea Venture                                  Photo by L. Motley
Gator got UGA           Photo by L. Motley
Blue Marlin                                                             Photo by L. Motley
Baker Bass                                                         Photo By L. Motley
              Chocolate Basket with Dark Chocolate Shells                                                                                                                      Photo By L. Motley
:"James" Dipped Strawberries & Shells
Budwiser beer is featured in this edible ice chest, but you can have your favorite beer in yours!  The ice won't melt & is also edible.  This chest serve 55 guests.
Just Rescued             Photo By L. Motley
Cake Design By Shanon Motley

Misty's Tour Bus                                   Designed By Shanon Motley
Crystal Ship                      Design By Shanon Motley
Snorkeling Reef Cake
Snorkeling masks, spear guns, fish,  & coral are hand made from sugar paste.  Shells are white chocolate.
Century Boat                                                                              Photo By L. Motley
Aubie Tiger                                                                 Photo By. L Motley
Jumping Large Mouth Bass
Bass, lure & Cattails are edible

Cake Design by Shanon Motley
Mounted Deer Head        
Cake Design By Shanon Motley
Corona & Poker Cake
Love Angel Fish
Mahi Mahi  Cake
Cake Design By Shanon Motley
The Water Lilly & Dragon Fly Cake